Global Money Week у ХРЛІСП

В рамках Global Money Week у ХРЛІСП з 14.03.2016-20.03.2016 пройшов ряд заходів.

Куратори проекту: вчитель англійської мови Лимар Д.О., вчитель економіки Полюхович Н.В.



         14.03.2016- 15.03.2016   – уроки англійської мови «What is money», з переглядом роликів, тематичним аудіо матеріалами

16.03.2016 –  уроки економіки на тему «Інвестиційна політика європейських держав», складання сімейного бюджету

17.03.2016 –  зустріч з представником Школи фінансової грамотності банку

18.03.2016 – зустріч з представником економічного факультету Харківського Національного Університету ім.. В.Н.Каразіна

19.03.2016-20.03.2016 – робота над проектами

What is Global Money Week (GMW)?

Global Money Week (GMW) is a money awareness celebration. The goal is to teach children and youth about money, saving, creating livelihoods, gaining employment and becoming an entrepreneur through fun and interactive activities. Every year, entire communities take action to create awareness, challenge out of date financial policies and give young people the tools and inspiration they need to shape their own future. GMW takes place annually, during the second week of March. The events are organized by schools, universities, government ministries, financial institutions, members of the civil society and youth worldwide. GMW is initiated and coordinated by Child & Youth Finance International (CYFI).

What is the theme of Global Money Week 2016?

GMW2016’s theme is ‘Take Part. Save Smart!’ Why? Because: It is important for children and youth to learn and take part in clever cost-careful habits from an early age, in order to avoid financial exclusion and develop key money-managing skills for later in life. Be connected with GMW 2016 by using #TakePartSaveSmart on social media channels

When is Global Money Week?

Global Money Week (GMW) is held in March each year. The exact dates for #GMW2016 are 14th – 20th March 2016.

Where is Global Money Week happening?

Everywhere. GMW is an international Week, with many events, activities, projects, launches and competitions taking place in over 100 countries.

Who can get involved in Global Money Week?

Anybody. Anywhere. Anytime. Whether you are a student, undergraduate or postgraduate feel free to invite your friends to join with you. Whether you are from an educational institution, financial authority, central bank, stock exchange, NGO, government institution, company, or community organization, you can play an integral role in advocating for greater economic education and financial inclusion for children and youth.

Why celebrate GMW?

What makes Global Money Week activities so exceptional is the active involvement of children and youth in the planning, organizing and actualization of events, as well as in the discussions and knowledge sharing opportunities that commence.We want to make sure that the opinions of the next generation are heard so that the decision makers of tomorrow may take active part in the policy discussions of today. Your participation brings the world one step closer to ensuring that every child wil have access to economic education, the opportunity to use financial services, a reliable source of income, and the ability to develop money-managing skills.

By celebrating Global Money Week you are:

Encouraging children and youth in your community;

Supporting financial education for children and youth;

Connecting with partners, colleagues, friends, families, children and youth;

Eligable to win a Global Money Week award;

Being part of the CYFI Movement.

Where can you find helpful materials about Global Money Week 2016?

GMW Toolkit 2016 is a guidebook that will help you celebrate Global Money Week (GMW) in your community. It provides an overview of the potential activities you can organize to ensure that children and youth in your country participate and learn more about finance and entrepreneurship! You can find the toolkits under GMW Toolkit.

Also, do not forget to check out Child & Youth Finance International on Issuu and the GMW Print Pack materials.

About Child & Youth Finance International (CYFI)

Established in April 2012, Child & Youth Finance International (CYFI) leads the Child and Youth Finance Movement’s worldwide multi-sectoral network, which is dedicated to enhancing the financial capabilities of children and youth. Based in Amsterdam but working globally, we have taken on the challenge of reshaping financial systems and making sure everyone helps children and youth to become economically empowered citizens. Through our global network of partners, CYFI aims to reach 100 million children and youth in 100 countries through high quality financial, social and livelihoods education and safe, reliable financial products by the end of 2015.To read our publications, please visit: Child & Youth Finance International Publications.



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